I have been thinking about what faith accompanied by expectation looks like from Heavens perspective.

When Jesus said that those who believe in Him would do what He had been doing and even greater things He didn’t stop there.  Incredibly He also said that we could ask for anything in His name and that He would do it, so that our Father in Heaven would get the glory.

There are journeys into the realms of heaven that are opportunities for unlimited adventures in faith. Beyond the limits of our ability to ask and the borders of our imagination are realms in God that are waiting to be explored.

Holy Spirit is longing to take us ‘off road’ into the immeasurably more, supernaturally empowering us to discover the heights and the depths, the width and the length of His love, the limitless realms of His divine nature of which we are called to be partakers.  As He takes us on this adventure of faith, of trust, into the depths of His heart, He fills us so completely that we can’t help but overflow with hope releasing His love and power, His presence, diffusing the fragrance of the one we love as we go.

These places in Him are for us to discover, places of unlimited resources, infinite and eternal.  When our perspectives match those of the Kingdom of Heaven and the heart of its King what we have the privilege and joy of discovering there will be lavishly and unreservedly manifest here on Earth in greater and greater measure.

This journey of faith often causes me to ask myself from what perspective am I living from?

When I recognise that I am questioning what Jesus has said is possible I make changes to the way I am thinking so that my thoughts are in line with the reality in which I am called to live, from Heaven towards Earth.

Faith accompanied by expectation from Heavens perspective ……. discovering the greater things, the journey continues.


Around a year ago I was challenged by a statement … “What do you really believe about the goodness of God”?

Immediately God asked me …  “What do you really believe about my goodness”?

This was one of those moments when you realise that God already knows the answer. In reality He was not asking a question rather He was inviting me to allow Him to expand my heart to go on a journey of discovering what living in His unlimited goodness looks like.

A year before I had a couple of encounters with God through dreams, I got my journal out and looked them up.

In the first dream I heard over and over again …

“I can be trusted; the slightest unbelief diminishes who I can be for you and what it is possible to do through you”

The dream repeated a number of times, each time I was walking through a different situation. At a particular moment in each scenario I started to sense fear and unbelief. As soon as I realised this I would say “No, I will totally rely on God” and immediately I was filled with joy and peace.

In the second dream I kept on hearing …

“Everything is Yes in Jesus”

In various seemingly impossible scenes and scenarios the voice said … “There is a promise, everything is Yes”.

With the audible ‘yes’ came the word ‘yes’ superimposed in red over each challenge or situation. With each changing scene the “yes” got louder and bigger!

As I read through my journal Romans 15:13 and 2 Corinthians 1:20 came to mind.

Romans 15:13

May the God of hope, fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit

2 Corinthians 1:20

For all of God’s promises have been fulfilled in Christ with a resounding “Yes!” And through Christ, our “Amen” (which means “Yes”) ascends to God for his glory

When we journey into His limitless goodness, fully trusting Him we are filled with joy and peace, overflowing with Holy Spirit empowered supernatural hope into the world around us.

This hope is the overflowing, joyful confident expectation of good, knowing that there is a YES for everything. That anything that wars against the love of God, His goodness, has an answer, a solution, a promise.

The promise is bigger, the Yes is bigger and we literally carry about within us the answer to any problem.

The signature of Heaven is love; our lives are the uniquely crafted pens through which the unlimited resources of the Kingdom of Heaven flow as God signature is left in the indelible ink of love over people’s lives.

Faith is being confident that what we hope for will actually happen, it gives us assurance about things we cannot see (Hebrews 11:1) … we cannot afford to see outside of hope.

Hope sees the yes, the provision, the answer and we have the privilege of living in the thank you of the yes. We have a responsibility to pray until we see the yes manifest – on earth as it is in heaven.

Supernatural hope lives from a place with eyes that can see answers, fully aware of the limitless resources available. As the ink of His goodness flows through us every solution that comes from Heaven, formed in the creative wisdom of God, carries this signature

When we overflow with the goodness of God, we get to look like our Daddy, the God of hope, as He flows through us impacting our lives, the people around us, towns, cities, regions, nations

In His name nations will put their hope. (Matthew 21:21)

A year on from accepting the invitation to travel further into the unlimited realms of His goodness I have only one thing to say …… MORE ….. come and join the adventure of all adventures.


Abraham faced the fact that his body was as good as dead, it gave him no reason for hope however the dust and stars spoke a different story.

The promise of fathering many nations was continually before him, the dust swirling around him in the day, kicked up as his feet trod the land promised to him, the stars, uncountable, shining brightly at night as beacons of hope, for this was the amount of descendents God told him he would have.

Day after day, night after night the dust and stars engaged Abrahams imagination, he did not hide his thought life, he laughed in unbelief but did not stay there, he actively interacted with God by asking questions, growing in faith, becoming fully convinced that God had the power to do what He had promised.

The journey of faith, intimacy with God, is developed in the context of an ongoing dialogue.

Our thoughts, the unspoken questions, dreams and desires of our hearts are not silent in Gods ears, He is present there. Abrahams relationship with God grew and developed into a friendship where God chose to share His plans with Abraham and Abraham in turn was able to influence those plans.

There is a momentum to all that happens in the Kingdom.  I love how God delights to add layer upon layer to what He has already shown us, discovering more about His infinite nature, growing in limitless intimacy and greater levels of faith engaging our imaginations with the dust and stars that represent the limitless yes of the promises over our lives, where against all hope in hope we chose to believe.

Hope is a person, He fills us with all joy and peace as we trust in him so that we overflow with outrageously glorious hope to the world around us. Hope is the confident expectation of good, the absolute conviction that God who is outrageously gloriously good will do what he has promised.

We are called to disciple nations, to look at the swirling dust, to peer at the uncountable stars, to keep the conversation going, to not stop, to not give up.

To trust, hope and persevere so that relationship leads to partnership and earth looks like Heaven ….. where ever our feet take us on adventures in faith as friends of God.


Not everyone we pray for is healed …… YET.

Written in my bible is the date, 15th July 2015, with the names of three people . An 8 year old girl who was registered blind, a young father confined to a wheelchair after a spinal injury and his 7 year old daughter.

I love telling stories of people being healed and set free through encountering God however this story is about a moment that wrecked me, marked me and changed my heart.

I was part of a ‘healing’ team, a large number of people had been experiencing the love and power of God, it seemed at one point that everyone who came were being healed. Others were being filled with Holy Spirit, there was a lot of laughing and celebrating.
It was amidst this that the 8 year old girl was brought along by her friend, we prayed for some time and nothing seemed to change, she thanked us and left, still blind. I didn’t have time to register how I felt as we were back to praying for others. Then came the Father in his wheelchair and his daughter, we prayed for some time and again nothing appeared to happen, he was wheeled away, still paralysed. His daughter came running back to me, her deep brown eyes looked deeply into mine, as she repeatedly said ‘thank you for praying for my Daddy, thank you for praying for my Daddy’. I held back my tears, we talked for a while and then she skipped off along side her Fathers wheel chair.
Turning back into the ‘healing tent’, trying to put aside what I was feeling, I couldn’t. I felt angry, disappointed and then a deep wave of compassion filled my heart as I found myself saying over and over again ‘it’s not ok, that is not ok’.   It was in that moment that I responded to what I felt Heaven was placing in my heart. I made the decision to commit myself, without reservation, to join in the battle to see healing fully re established as central to the good news of the Kingdom.

What I have been learning since then is that It is a battle motivated by love and fought from a place of rest by Sons and Daughters who are full of an outrageously glorious hope because they know their Heavenly Father to be outrageously gloriously good.
Walking this path means carrying a resolute refusal to give in or back down and a determination to push boundaries, seeing the realities of Heaven being released. It means taking risks so that people can live in the benefit of all that Jesus paid for, lives lived to their fullest potential and the freedom that comes from being made whole in every way.

Victory in this area brings great moments of celebration and tears of joy, defeat brings tears of a different kind such is the undulating battle ground those who have signed up for this fight find themselves on.  ltimately it is a journey of courage, full of glorious adventures in faith.

The truth is everyone that came to Jesus was healed and in Acts 5 everyone brought to the Apostles were healed. Our responsibility, when we become aware of truth, is to accept nothing less than what has been demonstrated as possible, as normal, and to go after it until we see it.
Our responsibility is to not give up or back down, it is being real with God and dealing with disappointments. It is having the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen, it is having an assurance about things we cannot see.
It is dreaming big with a good and compassionate God

It is Jesus getting everything that He paid for.

It is Sons and Daughters of a good good Father knowing who they are, whose they are and the authority they carry.

It is knowing that it is always Gods will to heal.

It is knowing ……. it is POSSIBLE.

Jesus said ‘heal the sick’. He never asks us to do anything that He won’t back up.
Simply believe ….