Faith is not necessarily demonstrated in the public arena of the ‘big moment’ but rather it is cultivated in a place of ongoing intimacy.  It is forged in the thousands of tiny moments that mark our day to day lives where we make decisions and take risks that say in this moment God, irrespective of circumstance, I trust you, I believe you, I chose you, I say yes.

It is also to be found in the vulnerability of honest conversations when things do not seem to be going the way we expected.  These thousands of tiny unseen moments of trust, of an absolute refusal to compromise what is true, unwavering in the face of facts that seem to contradict what God has said, create the foundation upon which great exploits are birthed.

It is here where the need to understand, to have an answer for everything, is relinquished leaving previously unchartered realms of mystery to be courageously embraced and ventured into as part of the ongoing journey of faith, love and hope.

Faith is trust, seeing with the eyes of hope from the realms of the unseen, from Heaven towards Earth.  It is rooted in the word of God and His promises, testimony and prophetic words, of the awareness of who we are and whose we are, of our access to unlimited resources of Heaven, in encounter and rest, in love.

Persevering, unswerving, patient trust builds history with Heaven in the secret place so that in public what seems like great risk is really only the result of thousands of tiny moments of saying irrespective of circumstance, I trust you, I believe you, I chose you, I say yes, thus fuelling an outrageously glorious hope and confidence in God who is our gloriously outrageously good Father.

The signature of Heaven is love … love always trusts, always hopes



to make uniform or similar, as in composition or function:

The religious spirit looks to deny an individual’s significance and uniqueness.
It tolerates, disempowers, manipulates and controls through fear and intimidation.

The homogenised gloop of religion seeks to trap and suck its orphan heart victims down like sinking mud, reducing, crushing and suffocating, whispering in our ears that to be anything other is to be full of pride whilst at the same time being a breeding ground for competition, comparison and self promotion.

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A few years ago, in a home group setting, I offered to pray for someone’s back.
Having just started to see God heal people and being somewhat excited, I wanted to encourage the folk around me that they too could expect to see the same happen.

The person with the back pain had a very clear idea of who ‘was allowed’ to pray for people to be healed and declined the offer stating …
“No thank you, the Elders have already prayed for me”.

However they paused for a moment, changed their mind and so we prayed, nothing discernible happened. The following week the person came to the home group, pain free.

Whilst thanking God his prayer went something like this ……

“Thank you God for healing my back and thank you for using Sasha to do it, because it just goes to shows that if you can use her, then we can all do it”

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A couple of years ago I heard Holy Spirit whisper ‘the signature of Heaven is love’

This got me thinking ….

If the signature of Heaven is love then our lives are the uniquely crafted pens through which the unlimited resources of Kingdom of Heaven flow as Gods signature is left in the indelible ink of love over people’s lives.

Supernatural hope lives from a place with eyes that can see answers, fully aware of the limitless resources available.

As the ink of His goodness flows through us every solution that comes from Heaven, formed in the creative wisdom of God, carries this signature.

Love always hopes 💕


Last September I had what I would call a ‘defining moment’.

This ‘defining moment’ came in a vision whilst laying on the floor in a time of worship.

I was taken by the hand to a stairway, after I had climbed a few steps a piece of white material was laid in front of me.  I saw Holy Spirit as a ball of electricity pass over this piece of material which became blindingly white and alive. As I watched it became seamlessly joined to a larger piece of white material which emanated the same life and vitality.

I continued to look and realised that this was in fact part of a bridal train and pieces were continuously being added.  Each piece of material being added was a different size and shape but once joined the seams were not visible – the pieces were perfectly fitted together to create one piece – a beautiful bridal dress.
I asked Holy Spirit “what are you showing me”?
He simply replied “isn’t she beautiful”.
All of a sudden I was overwhelmed as I was seeing with His eyes. Watching the bride slowly walk up the steps towards her Bridegroom King, with more material continuously being added to the train, the invisible seams were simultaneously visible and I saw how they created a beautiful, intricate golden threaded pattern.
Holy Spirit said again and again “she is beautiful, she is beautiful”
The intensity of these words cut right into the core of my being.

I lay on the floor of the auditorium, tears flowed my heart exploding as I was experiencing His love for His bride, the Church.


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So how do you start one of these things?

Well I thought it would be a good idea to give you a little of the back story.

I became a Christian at the age of 27, up until then had you tried to talk to me about God you would have got short shrift and an interesting array of colourful language to express my displeasure.

On Saturday 9th October 1999, whilst sat at a country park, God suddenly broke into my car flooding it with His presence. In an instant I knew that all I had heard, ridiculed and rejected about Jesus over the years was true and He was inviting me to life with him.  
I thanked him for dying for me, for forgiving me and accepted the life that He was offering me. Whilst doing this I felt a physical weight that could not be measured lifting off my shoulders and then in my very core a feeling that I had never experienced before as my spirit came alive with his life, as Holy Spirit took up residence.

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