Welcome to ‘When Heaven Comes’.

Welcome to the journey of our lifetime and beyond!!

This is a place to tell stories about the goodness of God, of adventures in faith, of crazy hope and relentless love because they are stories worth telling.

These stories and thoughts are about our discovering and journeying into the limitless and endless realms of faith, into the depths of Gods infinite and eternal nature, fuelled by outrageous hope and HIs passionate love.

When you finally realise that you cannot accurately represent the Kingdom of Heaven and the heart of its King without the supernatural display of His love and power a line is crossed from which there is no going back.

In discovering our true identity as Sons and Daughters of God there is nothing more terrifying to the devil and liberating to the world around us when we are free to risk and experiment with the goodness of God, to imagine, encourage, inspire and dream so that where ever we go it starts to look like ‘on earth as it is in Heaven’

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