I have been thinking about a moment that we experienced a few months ago as part of a team that was asked to provide ministry and prophetic appointments at a National Conference.

On the last evening, as the worship team started, we were positioned at the back of the conference auditorium. Standing at the back in worship sessions is my preference, I feel comfortable there and somehow it seems easier to get a fuller sense of what Heaven is releasing from that place. From the start there was a weighty, powerful sense of Gods presence that I have only experienced a few times before and are moments etched into my memory of being beautifully terrified by His awe. These are Holy moments that cannot be manufactured, predicted or reproduced, each a unique encounter, a manifestation of another aspect of His multifaceted nature, His Glory.

As we continued to worship, quite unexpectedly and somewhat alarmingly, my hands and arms became translucent. I stared at them and could see what appeared to be liquid gold flowing through them following the line of the veins and arteries. At the same time an even greater weight of His presence seemed to come into the auditorium, I closed my eyes engaging with what was happening before opening my eyes once again to look around the room. What I saw was stunningly beautiful, gold was flowing through everyone in the room just as I had seen in my hands and arms. This gold was not only present within ourselves but was flowing in the room too, the weight of the Glory of God that had been tangible enough to feel was now being made visible through us and around us. My heart was captivated by the beauty and wonder of this moment with the realisation that I was seeing something of the unseen realm in a way that up until that point had not been common for me.

Suddenly there was a yelp of excitement from behind us and then the sounds of celebration. Team members were surrounding a woman who had just been spontaneously healed. She had arrived on crutches having had a knee op a few days before and was now dancing and pain free. As we continued to loudly celebrate a thought crossed my mind. ‘If this has happened then what else is God doing in the auditorium? Then just as quickly another thought ran through my mind. ‘Is it possible for people to be in the midst of what is happening here but to not be aware of it’? It seemed impossible that a spontaneous healing was the only thing that had occurred, but rather it was an inevitability that much more was available.

Rather nervously I decided to take a risk …..

I approached the front of the auditorium and spoke to the person hosting the conference, they were happy for me to explain what I had seen and what the loud celebrations had been about! The testimony of the spontaneous healing was released and people started to check their own bodies with regards to healing. We continued to worship, more and more hands started to go up as people discovered something either had happened or was happening in their bodies. People were being touched by God, some laying on the floor, others caught up in the increased the momentum of celebration, worship and further breakthrough as the team moved through the packed auditorium releasing more of God’s presence and prophesying as they went.

After stepping down from the platform I retreated, trembling, to my place of safety at the back of the auditorium! From there it was beautiful to watch what was happening, as the whole room was now aware of what was available and could chose to enter into it as the worship continued ….. it was glorious.

I’m convinced that is never any reluctance on Heavens part when it comes to revealing the nature of the goodness of God. The sadness is that we can often be unaware of what is available for us and what could be released through us. There is so much more going on around us than we are generally aware of but we are learning how to access it.

Faith sees.

Faith honours Gods Presence and all that comes with Heaven, the unseen realm. When we chose to trust, to believe Gods promises and what He says is true about His presence, Glory, the angelic and all that is associated with this realm our ability to see His heart and perceive His goodness gains greater clarity, bringing others into a fuller revelation of His love as we ourselves fall deeper in love with Him.

There is so much more to discover, it is a never ending adventure.

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