MYSTERY … fuel for the journey



Mystery is part of the Kingdom, of things not hidden from us but for us. Mystery is defined as something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain. There are powerless ways of thinking, believing that God may or may not act and that the outcome is entirely down to His sovereignty.

Within the culture of a community of believers who are intent on bringing the realities and resources of Heaven to every place they go I believe that there is a subtle but just as troubling ‘sovereignty’ trap. It is the powerless action of throwing everything we don’t understand into the mystery pot and leaving it there rather than continuing to seek these things out.

I see a danger of moving from mystery being part of life in the Kingdom and an invitation to grow in faith to it being a label we put on things that don’t seem to be working out as expected or promised, a way of spiritualising our unbelief.

It is the language of disappointment, abdication and pessimism which is the bedfellow of hopelessness. The truth is we are not called to settle in that place, we are to continue to grow in faith, to adventure further off road into these realms.

To grow in faith means to relinquish the right for the need to understand, accepting that mystery is part, sometimes painfully so, of life in the Kingdom. The Comforter will do just that and reminds us that if all things are to work out for our good it should follow that if it’s not good it’s not the end and therefore we may need to shift our perspective.

We live from a place that has no end, from eternity, whilst at the same time physically existing in a realm called time. We have the joy of going on adventures with Holy Spirit as he leads us further into the realms of wisdom and revelation. He equips us to delve deeper into what is available and fills us with courage to take risks to see more of the reality of the love, power and goodness of God released to the world around us.

We are invited to more than we can possibly imagine …… let mystery be the fuel for the journey ahead.

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