When we simply say yes, when we simply let go, when we simply abandon ourselves to an outrageously good God, His love starts to find its way deeper and deeper into the recesses of the heart. 
When without warning tears fall from your eyes with the briefest of thoughts about the one who has captivated you.  When in His presence unseen walls of resistance are smashed by a torrent of unrelenting love that silences the voice of fear and whispers you are mine, then we find ourselves in a condition from which there is no hope of recovery or desire to do so. 

It’s one thing to see the love and power of Jesus on display and have the joy of sharing and celebrating the stories of the goodness of God it is another thing entirely when people start asking about your own story. 

How do you explain the journey to the place where you currently find yourself?
We stop and look around in amazement and wonder asking, ‘how did that happen’ but in the light of His relentless, limitless, unconditional love, we get to see that our history, our story is in reality His story.  
Ours is a beautiful narrative of love rescuing fearful and enslaved orphan hearts, of being restored to a place of Sonship, of shared glory, freedom, hope, love, joy, peace, honour and significance. 

Restored hearts restore and have the potential to see every place they set their foot look like, sound like, feel like, smell like, taste like Heaven.  

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