Recently I have been thinking about the potential of the unlimited power of the stories (testimonies) we carry.

As ‘miracle grow’ is to a garden so testimonies are to the seedbed of hope in which faith grows!!

In Hebrews the word testimony means ‘do it again’.

Potential is turned into action when we tell these stories of gloriously outrageous goodness with the expectancy that God will do it again, his heart and will having already been revealed.

Celebrating and remembering what God has done becomes an invitation for His love and power to be released again and again in the present which in turn sets up future victories that have already been established in eternity.

Our stories bring the reality of Heaven into people’s lives …..

Tell the stories.

2 thoughts on “TELL THE STORIES 

  1. Miriam says:

    Our teenagers recently did a Youth Firestarters course. One of the most exciting parts of this for me was the fact that they came home with so many God-stories of what had done in other families. Not only are they absorbing what God has done for them and our family, but their faith is being strengthened by the stories of their friends, and their parents.


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