Faith is not necessarily demonstrated in the public arena of the ‘big moment’ but rather it is cultivated in a place of ongoing intimacy.  It is forged in the thousands of tiny moments that mark our day to day lives where we make decisions and take risks that say in this moment God, irrespective of circumstance, I trust you, I believe you, I chose you, I say yes.

It is also to be found in the vulnerability of honest conversations when things do not seem to be going the way we expected.  These thousands of tiny unseen moments of trust, of an absolute refusal to compromise what is true, unwavering in the face of facts that seem to contradict what God has said, create the foundation upon which great exploits are birthed.

It is here where the need to understand, to have an answer for everything, is relinquished leaving previously unchartered realms of mystery to be courageously embraced and ventured into as part of the ongoing journey of faith, love and hope.

Faith is trust, seeing with the eyes of hope from the realms of the unseen, from Heaven towards Earth.  It is rooted in the word of God and His promises, testimony and prophetic words, of the awareness of who we are and whose we are, of our access to unlimited resources of Heaven, in encounter and rest, in love.

Persevering, unswerving, patient trust builds history with Heaven in the secret place so that in public what seems like great risk is really only the result of thousands of tiny moments of saying irrespective of circumstance, I trust you, I believe you, I chose you, I say yes, thus fuelling an outrageously glorious hope and confidence in God who is our gloriously outrageously good Father.

The signature of Heaven is love … love always trusts, always hopes



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