to make uniform or similar, as in composition or function:

The religious spirit looks to deny an individual’s significance and uniqueness.
It tolerates, disempowers, manipulates and controls through fear and intimidation.

The homogenised gloop of religion seeks to trap and suck its orphan heart victims down like sinking mud, reducing, crushing and suffocating, whispering in our ears that to be anything other is to be full of pride whilst at the same time being a breeding ground for competition, comparison and self promotion.

My own rescue from the quagmire of hopeless and powerless religion started after 12 years as a Christian when I came face to face with Chris, a son who carries love and the spirit of adoption so powerfully that it caused me to start questioning my relationship with God.  

Around three years ago I started on the journey from religion to relationship as I began to understand that by not realising our own individual significance and uniqueness, the authority and glory that we have been given in our identity as Sons and Daughters who are celebrated and worthy of Father Gods attention, we will be unable to celebrate or accurately see with the eyes of heaven the significance and worth of others around us.

This is a journey of great heights and depths as I continue to adventure wide eyed in wonder into the unlimited spacious places of the heart of a good God who is a kind loving Father and not the harsh, demanding tyrant King of religion.

This adventure of faith will never end, we have all eternity to enjoy him and each other as we see Heaven touch Earth, partnering with Papa God to see His world invade ours everywhere we go.

Grace is to be jealously guarded, our freedom came at a high price.
Jesus will get His reward.

Be celebrated not tolerated.

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