A few years ago, in a home group setting, I offered to pray for someone’s back.
Having just started to see God heal people and being somewhat excited, I wanted to encourage the folk around me that they too could expect to see the same happen.

The person with the back pain had a very clear idea of who ‘was allowed’ to pray for people to be healed and declined the offer stating …
“No thank you, the Elders have already prayed for me”.

However they paused for a moment, changed their mind and so we prayed, nothing discernible happened. The following week the person came to the home group, pain free.

Whilst thanking God his prayer went something like this ……

“Thank you God for healing my back and thank you for using Sasha to do it, because it just goes to shows that if you can use her, then we can all do it”

I remember at the time feeling encouraged because this person had come to realise that they too could expect to see the love and power of God working through them!images

The more I study the ‘history’ of healing throughout Church history the need to ask questions about why we do what we do and believe what we believe becomes more apparent.

Healing is central to the good news of the Kingdom and there is a battle to see it fully re established. Healing is not something that God does, He is healing.

Jesus was very clear, we are to heal the sick and tell them that the Kingdom of Heaven had come near

Victory in this area brings great moments of celebration and tears of joy, defeat brings tears of a different kind such is the undulating battle ground that those who have signed up for this fight find themselves on.

Ultimately this is a journey full of glorious adventures in faith, of a refusal to give in or back down, of pushing boundaries, of seeing the realities of Heaven being released, of living this out from a place of rest assured of the goodness of God, of taking risks so that people can live in the benefit of all that Jesus paid for, living lives to their fullest potential in fullness of health and the freedom that comes from being made well.
He will use anyone!!

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