Last September I had what I would call a ‘defining moment’.

This ‘defining moment’ came in a vision whilst laying on the floor in a time of worship.

I was taken by the hand to a stairway, after I had climbed a few steps a piece of white material was laid in front of me.  I saw Holy Spirit as a ball of electricity pass over this piece of material which became blindingly white and alive. As I watched it became seamlessly joined to a larger piece of white material which emanated the same life and vitality.

I continued to look and realised that this was in fact part of a bridal train and pieces were continuously being added.  Each piece of material being added was a different size and shape but once joined the seams were not visible – the pieces were perfectly fitted together to create one piece – a beautiful bridal dress.
I asked Holy Spirit “what are you showing me”?
He simply replied “isn’t she beautiful”.
All of a sudden I was overwhelmed as I was seeing with His eyes. Watching the bride slowly walk up the steps towards her Bridegroom King, with more material continuously being added to the train, the invisible seams were simultaneously visible and I saw how they created a beautiful, intricate golden threaded pattern.
Holy Spirit said again and again “she is beautiful, she is beautiful”
The intensity of these words cut right into the core of my being.

I lay on the floor of the auditorium, tears flowed my heart exploding as I was experiencing His love for His bride, the Church.


This encounter came not long before going to ‘The Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais, France.

Holy Spirit had been talking to me about visiting the ‘Eritrean, Syrian and Ethiopian bride’.  I didn’t know what to expect or what she would look like, any preconceived ideas simply melted away once I found her.

I fell in love …… she is beautiful!

Orthodox Eritreans, Syrians and Ethiopians had built a church together from wood, sheeting and tin roofing. The inside was decorated with religious icons brought with them as many fled from persecution and war. They had created a oasis of peace, opening the doors to serve the community around them made up of many Nations.

Spending the day there was so precious, we talked and prayed together. We mutually encouraged each other in our faith and it was in the discovery of our diversity that we constantly found ourselves returning to what united us, the golden seam of shared glory, the presence of Holy Spirit in us.

As we did this I could feel love increasing in intensity within me just as it had done in the vision.

This has been my journey and one which will continue however more recently I felt it would be right to share it publicly, a blog seems pretty public!!

God is on the move, the European bride is waking up and many are coming to faith in Christ – Heaven is touching Earth.

Unity is key to Revival.

Jesus is passionately in love with his bride, every part of her.

His love is relentless – his pursuit endless.

We are the glorious bride of Christ and it is at the joining place of the golden seam of shared glory that we are united in him, in love, in the beauty of diversity …….. so that the world will know.

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