So how do you start one of these things?

Well I thought it would be a good idea to give you a little of the back story.

I became a Christian at the age of 27, up until then had you tried to talk to me about God you would have got short shrift and an interesting array of colourful language to express my displeasure.

On Saturday 9th October 1999, whilst sat at a country park, God suddenly broke into my car flooding it with His presence. In an instant I knew that all I had heard, ridiculed and rejected about Jesus over the years was true and He was inviting me to life with him.  
I thanked him for dying for me, for forgiving me and accepted the life that He was offering me. Whilst doing this I felt a physical weight that could not be measured lifting off my shoulders and then in my very core a feeling that I had never experienced before as my spirit came alive with his life, as Holy Spirit took up residence.

And so the journey began …… however after spending over a decade working hard at ‘behaviour modification’, the constant and relentless busyness of work and church life meant my world had become very small and I was burnt out – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  Thirteen years after my ‘salvation experience’, I had not seen anyone healed or delivered. I was frightened of prophecy, had no idea that the gifts of the Holy Spirit were for every believer and felt powerless in my life as a Christian.

Desperate for something but having no idea how to attain it, I began praying over the period of a year ‘the ruins of my soul repair and make my heart a house of prayer’, a line from a Charles Wesley hymn.

Then in 2012 I had an experience that could only be described as being born again, again!  I’m not sure where you put that theologically but in my core there was an excitement and hope that I had not felt for many years. The smouldering wick of my heart suddenly burst into a raging fire.

I repented of unbelief, changing my way of thinking and decided the best thing to do was simply believe what Jesus said.

85b22ca923aea191510544b6659649a5As I started to learn for the first time my true identity, the authority that I had been given and the Heavenly resources available an unquenchable desire to worship, to be with Jesus, to hear from heaven and then to see lives, places and situations impacted by the love and power of God took over.

The moment I saw someone healed on the street I crossed a line from which there was no going back!

No longer was my view of life with Jesus powerless, now I saw for the first time the fullness of the good news on display and realised that you cannot accurately represent the Kingdom of Heaven, and its King without the supernatural display of His love and Power.

Now life with Jesus has become the ultimate adventure, the possibilities are limitless and endless because God is infinite and eternal.

I find myself part of an amazing community of believers, who live naturally supernatural lives and are passionate about seeing Jesus get all that He paid for. I get to be part of an environment where freedom is jealously guarded and responsibility is required.

Being realistic means that we expect miracles, risk is celebrated and love is expressed in so many different ways.

The journey continues, those that have been restored restore others and love always wins.

Welcome to my blog, welcome to the journey of our lifetime and beyond!!


  1. Angel's Mum says:

    Your journey and story has encouraged me so much. I am learning to trust Him and to take some risks in praying for others. I have seen healings/pain leaving in several occasions. What has surprised me is that people I ask to pray for rarely refuse. God is planting so many seeds.
    May Heaven come to earth. May we have the confidence as sons/daughters to go out and spread His love.


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